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2022 EIAA Annual Technical Conference 12-28-2021

February 11th - February 12th, 2022


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The 2022 EIAA annual technical conference will be a full two-day event for the first time.

Day one, Friday February 11th, will feature all of the components from previous conferences without the education seminars. 

Day two, Saturday February 12th, will consist of four technical presentations including:


The Role of Codes and Standards in electrical design, installation and inspection of patient care areas of Health Care Facilities by Ark Tsisserev

  • The specific difference between voluntary and mandatory codes and standards and difference in application of Z32 and Section 24 for electrical inspectors.
  • The extent of regulatory enforcement of electrical design and installation in a health care facility: What, why and how?
  • Safety system or essential electrical system- who is to say?
  • The role of health care facility administrator in the application of installation requirements of the codes and standards.
  • Testing and commissioning of equipment and systems in health care facilities- the role of electrical inspectors.

Electric Vehicle Overview and Demand Factors 

  • An introduction to the three designs of EV’s
  • Branch circuit requirements for EVSE
  • Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems
  • Demand Factors for EVSE Feeders

Product Certification and Counterfeiting by Andrew Pottier

  • Recognition of the UL Mark. This will include an overview of various types of UL Marks that are typically seen on electrical products, information regarding SCC Accreditation and serves as a Segway into Brand Protection / Anti-Counterfeiting.
  • Approval Marks of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) appear on a wide range of products, devices, construction materials and   assemblies. Many of our Marks are applied to Building, Fire, and Life Safety Systems, including but not limited to fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler equipment, and fire retardant building materials. UL and ULC are both Accredited as Certification Bodies (CBs) by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC).
  • Brand Protection / Anti-Counterfeiting. This presentation will provide information regarding some of the efforts taken by UL in collaboration with law enforcement and other industry stakeholders regarding counterfeit products. This will also include reviews of examples of common counterfeit products and some things to look for. UL’s Global Brand Protection team (GBP) works closely with customs agencies, law enforcement and border officials worldwide and have helped to prevent hundreds of thousands of illegal and potentially hazardous items from reaching the public. Counterfeit goods include apparel, accessories, cosmetics, medications, food, toys, electronics, lighting products, automobile and airplane parts. Counterfeits are often made of substandard components and materials and can result in a significant threat to public health and safety
  • Accessing UL Online Product Files and Free View UL Standards. This will provide direction / instruction on how AHJs, engineers, constructors and the public can access all online product files and standards. Product iQ is a commercial platform for product information, including UL safety certifications.

Area Classification Consideration by EngWorks

  • The seminar will review a variety of situations where a hazardous area classification is required before an electrical inspection can be done.  The emphasis will be on identifying locations where a classification is warranted and ensuring the documentation provided can be used for electrical inspection purposes.   We will look at a variety of facilities including oil and gas, manufacturing, water treatment facilities, food production facilities, and a list of others that typically warrant a classification design and discuss the hazards that may exist.  The seminar will also discuss the obligations of the “Qualified Person” to provide this information, and the need for supporting documentation for a classification design.   

The conference is tentatively being offered as a hybrid event where people can attend either on-line or face to face. Details on this as the date gets closer.

As always the conference counts for professional development requirements for both electrical SCO’s and Master Electricians.


Hope to see you all there!



KEN FORBES   ken.forbes@lethbridge.ca   403-320-3839

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