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As of September 20, 2021 Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre has been following the Restrictions Exemption Program:

Under the Restrictions Exemption Program, we require proof of vaccination, negative test results or medical exemption for patrons 12 and over, plus mandatory masking, to continue operating as usual.

  • Proof of vaccination and QR code scanner (As of November 15, 2021)

To enter spaces participating in the Restrictions Exemption Program, people ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated (at least 14 days from second dose of a 2-dose vaccine or a single dose of Janssen).

Valid proof of vaccination

    • Alberta vaccine record with QR Code (paper or digital) is now the only valid Alberta-issued proof of vaccination accepted by operators participating in REP.
    • Other accepted forms of proof of vaccination include:
    • Personal identification that matches the vaccine record is also required for all adults 18 and over.
  • Proof of negative test
    • To enter spaces participating in the Restrictions Exemption Program, people aged 12 and older can show proof of a negative test result.
    • The test result should be a written or printed copy that indicates the individual has tested negative for COVID-19 on a Health Canada approved rapid antigen, rapid PCR, or lab based PCR test approved by Health Canada or the lab accreditation body of jurisdiction.
      • Valid test results should be a written or printed copy that clearly outlines the type of test, time of sample collection, clear indication of a negative result, and laboratory that completed the test, if applicable.
      • Photos of a rapid test or result taken offsite is not sufficient.
      • A self-test completed offsite or self-produced documentation of a negative test result is not valid.
      • Do not bring completed self-tests or rapid tests to businesses due to communicable disease risk.
    • Tests must not be from the Alberta Health Services public COVID-19 testing system.
  • Proof of medical exemption

To enter spaces participating in the Restrictions Exemption Program, people 12 and older can provide documentation of a medical exemption.

    • A valid medical exemption is the original signed letter from a physician or nurse practitioner that includes:
      • date which the letter was provided
      • person's name that matches their identification
      • physician’s or nurse practitioner’s complete information, including:
        • name, phone number, contact information, professional registration number and signature
        • statement that there is a medical reason for not being fully vaccinated against COVID-19
        • duration that the exemption is valid

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Mission Statement

The Electrical Inspectors Association of Alberta will promote the uniform understanding and application of the Rules and Regulations adopted under the Safety Codes Act. This shall be done without bias and with fairness. We will assist in the formulation of standards, technical, professional knowledge and procedures upon well-grounded information, in achieving safe electrical installations, in the interest of safety, to life and property.